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Clues To Fugitive's Location

Lloyd Delano Lloyd Delano
Lori Hollis Lori Hollis

by Donna McCollum

A new development in the case of a missing East Texas man. Clues surfaced after a special report last week by the East Texas News. (Click here to read that story.) 

Authorities have been looking for Lloyd Delano since last June. Nobody was sure if he was dead or alive. There's now been a break in the case. The first confirmed sighting of Delano in almost a year came around 10:30 Monday night in Atlanta, Georgia. Tyler County Deputy Bubba Sheffield said the absconded sex offender walked off 30 minutes before Georgia deputies arrived.

According to authorities, Delano was last seen by his roommate. The two were living at a hotel while working a power plant job. Delano left on foot with no money, the day before payday.

Lori Hollis is glad her son-in-law is alive, but disappointed he's still missing. She let Sheffield know about the surprising phone call her daughter received following the report on Delano's disappearance. "Lloyd called Micah after the broadcast. He called her so someone in this area had to have called him and told him about it," claimed Hollis.

Hollis suspects Delano's mother, Norma Muldoon, told her son about the news story and then helped him contact his wife by phone. "The only way he could have got to her number was from his mother. She's the only one who had the number," said Hollis. Last week, Muldoon never appeared for a scheduled interview. Tuesday, she couldn't be reached at her Livingston home.

Hollis says the purpose of Delano's call to her daughter wasn't just to ask about the kids. Hollis said, "He had called her [her daughter] and said I needed to back off and I said I didn't know I was pushing anything. We thought he was dead."

Hollis had relentlessly searched for her four grandchildren's father on missing person websites. Now, she's angry. "Because he's selfish. He thinks of himself, not the kids," explained Hollis.

A tip other than Hollis' made Sheffield start looking in Atlanta. Authorities suspect Delano received his own tip, placing him on the run once again.

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