"Potholey & Washboardy" Describes This Road

'Bad Roads & Potholes' travels to Kennard where a Dallas transplant is upset about the road leading to her home. Cindy Hoyt pointed out that, "Cars have to drive over this far when it's potlholey to try to avoid some of the potholes. This area right here. It's either washboardy as you see now." 'Potholey' and 'washboardy', are not words you'll find in the dictionary, but Hoyt uses them often when describing County Road 4625, a road she hates for her company to see. "We have friends in the Dallas and Houston area. I'm thinking, gosh what might they think when they drive up and down this road. It is an embarrassment. Absolutely."

Sometimes the road gets so bad that residents take the matter into their own hands. They get on their tractor and do the work themselves. Ralph Richards frequently does the work. "We have to grate it and smooth out the rough spots and things like that. There are holes all over it everywhere."

Hoyt calls it annoying. "My intention is not to get in a battle with anybody because I don't think that solves anything. Let's work together and try to come up with a solution." Hoyt has taken her complaints to the Houston County which has jurisdiction over the road repairs. She's also been to Kennard City Hall because the road runs right through town.

When she goes there she must go before the 15th and two o'clock. Any other time, City Administrator Glenn Westbrook, the man with the great work schedule wouldn't be there. Westbrook jokes to anyone with envy. "Yeah, but I bet you wouldn't want to see my paycheck."

Westbrook has known about County Road 4625 for years. "That's the way it's been for so many years. You hate to make a promise. Most of us make promises and have to eat 'em."

Westbrook is privy to to some inside information. Westbrook shared, "My rumor is pretty good. I'd say it's ok that there is money set aside now to redo that road. Now when they start doing it, that's a mystery." Probably when road work everywhere will begin. Westbrook guessed, "I think if the weather breaks, over in the summertime, I'm thinking it will get done." The same timetable Hoyt was given more than a year ago. Like Westbrook said, 'Make promises and you have to eat 'em.'