Landfill Rates May Be Getting Too Expensive For Lufkin

Lufkin city leaders need a cheaper way to get rid of trash.  Using the Angelina County landfill is getting expensive.  Higher landfill rates mean more expense for taxpayers.

City Manager Paul Parker said, "This year, if we receive another rate increase the county's proposed, we would probably have to envision a potential rate increase to our customers."

That leaves the city looking for other options.  One possibility is hauling trash quite a distance to other East Texas landfills in Jacksonville and Polk County.

"If we received another 10 percent increase this year, it would probably be nearly a break even to go to other landfills.  Our rates would be a little higher, but when you add transportation costs, it balances out."

Recycling would also help cut costs.  If more people recycled and properly separated their garbage, there'd be less material to pay landfill rates on and that'd be a lot cheaper for the city.

Angelina County landfill rates went up more than 11 percent last year.  It's the first big increase in several years.  But rates for residential and commercial users did not go up.