Woden widow gets family pictures despite husband dying before child's birth

Woden widow gets family pictures despite husband dying before child's birth
Source: Brandie Cosby
Source: Brandie Cosby
Source: Brandie Cosby
Source: Brandie Cosby

Every time Sammi Jo Webb sees her daughter's smile, she sees a little of her deceased husband Nick.

"She has his eyes and from the nose down she looks like me," Webb said. "I think he would be proud of her."

Giving birth to her daughter Nikki was a difficult process.

"We tried twice to have children but had two miscarrages," Webb said. "Then we found out we were pregnant again. Finally on Sept. 25 we were supposed to find out the gender of our baby. I got up that morning and went to make breakfast for Nick and his two kids from a previous marriage. I was so excited I went back to bed and pushed on him to wake him up."

Nick would not budge.

"I was like, 'Oh My gosh,'" Webb said. "This man is going to make us late because he sleeps hard so I started hitting him and said, 'Wake up Nick' then I realized he wasn't waking up. What was supposed to be the best day of my life turned into the worst day of my life. At 26 I became a widow and a single mom."

Webb said she would become depressed during the pregnancy and at 32 weeks she was not sure what wasn't going to happen. Around this time, Brandie Cosby, a former classmate of Webb's at Cushing High School, reached out to the grieving soon-to- be mother.

""I turned to my husband and said, 'Honey I don't know what I would do without you. I know that she has got to be filling absolutely awful,'" Cosby said. "My heart just broke."

Cosby runs her own photography business in Cushing and started to reach out to Webb.

"I just kept saying, I cannot do the shoot," Webb said. "I was not sure what to do."

Cosby continued to ask and tell her that she could make some special photographs for Webb.

"It is something that God said, 'Hey this is for you and your family to show everything will be okay," Cosby said.

Webb would finally agree to do maternity pictures with Cosby. After Webb gave birth to her daughter, she would get with Cosby again and take six month old pictures. Cosby would then get to work and take previous photographs of Webb and Nick and use post-editing tools to add Nick into the photographs.

"It was a Sunday night and I was with my grandmother and my phone went off with the pictures," Webb said. "I was amazed. I just sat and cried. I took it to the cemetery and showed it to my husband and told him look what we finally have."

Cosby said the shoots were some of the most stressful she has done.

"I was worried about it," Cosby said. "Could I really do this right? My hands were moving but it was not me working. I could only do this through God."

Now when Webb tucks in her daughter, who is named after a dad she will never meet, she knows that her dad will be looking down from above with a smile.

"In my baby's room is pictures of her parents," Webb said. "It's awesome."

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