East Texas residents fight the bite as mosquito population increases

East Texas residents fight the bite as mosquito population increases
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - If you've been outside lately, you can't help but notice that the there's been an increase in mosquitoes. Experts said that more mosquitoes mean more chances for disease like West Nile and Zika..

After the rain comes the sunshine and those pesky mosquitoes.

"With this recent spell of wet weather and all the standing water, we would expect to see a lot more mosquitoes then we normally do," said Cary Sims, the oounty extension agent for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of Angelina, County.

"I dislike mosquitoes," said Lynda Smith, a dog owner.

As the mosquito population continues to grow in Deep East Texas, so does the fight to control them.

"We have an evergreen lawn service that comes in twice a year and treats our playground and the area for ants and different things," said First Christian Church Preschool Director, Patsy Allen.

The risk of a bite turning into something far worst has increased as well.

"Mosquitos are vectors of disease," Sims said. "They carry problems, and we don't need them. We can be anti-mosquito around our house."

However experts have five helpful tips that'll help you fight the bite. They're called the five Ds

"One would be avoid dusk and dawn; they are more active looking for their blood meal at the beginning of the day and the end of the day," Sims said. "Second would be to drain water from any standing water. They'll lay their eggs either in the water or right beside a container where the water would rise. Standing water is crucial for their egg and larval development."

The third D is use DEET, or some other type of product to repel insects.

"I keep some in my bag, and I do let the parents know."  saidFirst Christian Church Preschool T3 teacher Ashley Easley. "We have medication forms for our parents to fill out, and if they want mosquito spray or lotion on their children, then they fill that out and then we can apply that on them."

The forth D is dress. Experts recommend if you're out during mosquito feeding hours, wear long sleeves and pants in plain colors. Avoid attracting them by wearing excessive amounts of perfume or aftershave.

"The last D is dunks," Sims said. "Use mosquito dunks. It's a bacteria that you put into standing water, like a bird bath. It kills only mosquito larva: it's not harmful to birds, not harmful to wildlife or to mammals."

Experts recommend mowing tall weeds and grass around your house and installing mosquito barriers such as screened windows and doors.

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