Many College Seniors Plan To Take Off After Graduation

The job hunt is on for new and prospective graduates, but some of them are not finding much to hunt for in East Texas.

"Bigger companies, more corporations; we need a lot more around here," said Monica Giacone, an Angelina College student.  "There's really a lot of opportunities elsewhere.  I would kind of of like to go to the Dallas area or maybe Houston; just a bigger city."

Money is often the reason students leave the pineywoods for life in the big city.

Lee Ann Castilaw, Manpower branch manager, said, "We have some really great jobs, it's just getting out there and finding them.  So often, I think they graduate college and they want to start out making $60-, $70,000 and that's not always what happens."

While some Angelina College students say there are not enough opportunities to stick around East Texas, other students say there are plenty of career options to choose from.

AC student, Autumn McGuire, said, "My family's here, I have children that go to school here, and it's a good place to raise kids.  I like East Texas.  I like what it has to offer as far as small town values, but if I was looking for money I would be going elsewhere."

For those wanting to stay, there are opportunities here in East Texas. Accounting, medical, business, and education are just a few local industries always looking for the best and brightest new graduates.