Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Opportunistic credit card thief

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Opportunistic credit card thief

From Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

LUFKIN, TEXAS (News Release) - Criminals plan some crimes, usually not very well, and passion drives others but many crimes occur merely because the opportunity presented itself.  Some people, who otherwise are upstanding citizens, commit opportunistic crimes but, regardless of the reason, all crimes matter.

This week's Crime of the Week was one of opportunity and the actors, although aware of what they were doing, might not know that the crime they committed, Credit Card Abuse, is a state jail felony offense.

Video of the incident, available at and, shows a man mistakenly leaving a prepaid credit card on the counter at Walmart in Lufkin and the next customers in line using it.  The suspects, a man and a woman, point at, move, conceal, and appear to discuss the card before deciding to hand it to the cashier to pay for their purchases.  Their hesitation before using the card likely is a sign that they considered the consequences of using another person's credit card.

Investigators need to identify the suspects in this incident so the victim can recover his lost money and, as with any unsolved crime, Crime Stoppers is offering a reward but preventing future occurrences by reminding everyone that this is a crime is Crime Stoppers' ultimate goal in profiling this incident.

If you can identify the suspects in this incident, call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or visit to submit a tip or to download Crime Stoppers' P3 Tips app.  Calls and tips directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and the first, most accurate tip that leads to an arrest may be eligible for a reward.

Crime Stoppers pays rewards in cash but only for anonymous tips submitted directly to Crime Stoppers and that concern information not previously provided to or known by law enforcement.