National Day Of Prayer - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

05/06/05 - Lufkin

National Day Of Prayer

by Chris Cato

"We come this evening dear heavenly Father, praying for our government at every level," said one prayer leader.

"God we come against a spirit of violence that is trying to take an inroad into our school. Oh we rebuke it in the name of Jesus," said another.

The prayers were shouted out as loud as the crowd was large at Lufkin City Hall. An impressive sight, especially considering the approach many government leaders are taking to religion. From prayer at school to the word "God" in the Pledge Of Allegiance, many say it's a miracle people can still gather for the National Day of Prayer.

Joseph Fields, a 9th grade student, said, "it means there's still some good in the world. I mean, that people, the government will still honor God with a day of prayer and they know that we got to put God first."

The prayer ceremony has been going on in Lufkin for several years now, and, so far, nobody has said anything against having it in a government building. Lufkin Mayor Louis Bronaugh says it just shows you what type of community you're living in.

Mayor Bronaugh said, "We're very proud of our religious heritage in this community and we like to express it every chance we get."

The many that showed up to Thursday's prayer ceremony certainly had the chance to express their wish to pray.

Mayor Bronaugh said, "A person who prays probably sets an example by doing so. Certainly we will do that. City Council and City Hall employees and the public have come together. It's a great thing."

With all the voices gathered at Lufkin City Hall, their message will surely be heard.

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