Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 09/22/16

Wendy's at 2212 S. First Street: 9 demerits for damaged floor tiles under fryer needed to be repaired, soap needed at all hand sinks, cold old at wrong temperature, area behind ice machine needed to be cleaned, hot water not working at hand sink near drive-thru window, and food handlers' certification not up to date.

Whataburger No. 979 at 103 N. Brentwood: 4 demerits for knife rack near 3-compartment sink, cold hold at wrong temperature, and food handlers' certification not up to date.

Oceans Behavioral Hospital at 302 Gobblers Knob Rd.: 3 demerits for bulk items out of original container not labeled, scoops with handles needed, damaged wall behind dishwasher needed to be repaired, and reach-in cooler seal needed to be fixed.

Area Lakes Catfish at 707 N. Timberland Drive: 3 demerits for food manager not on site and improper thawing.

Southland Health Care at 401 N. Medford: 1 demerit for damaged light shields in dishwashing area needed to be repaired, bare wood above three-compartment sink needed to be painted or sealed, door trim near air conditioner needed to be repaired, and wall between air conditioner and outside needed to be sealed.