Living Spaces Backyard Contest Winner Announced

by Jessica Cervantez

The winner for KTRE's Living Spaces Backyard contest is Jamie Mahan, a Garret Primary kindergarten teacher.

She credits her kids as big supporters, who even wear shirts to get people to vote, and it must have worked. She came out on top. She even relied on her teacher friends, church friends, and relatives she hadn't talked to in a while to get them to vote.

Mahan said, "Basically, I called relatives I hadn't talked to in forever. I said, 'Hey, how are you doing? By the way, I'm #4, and I need you to get on and vote for living space #4.' So, it has really been a lot of fun. I got my phone bill in yesterday -- I mean last week -- and it was actually pretty high because I had been calling so many people. But that's okay. It's worth it!"

Mahan will receive a complete remodel of her backyard. She will get an above-ground swimming pool, a custom barbeque, gas grill, flowers and shrubs for her backyard, and much more, including a cruise.