Study Says Coastal Residents Not Prepared for Hurricane Season

(Miami, FL-AP) - Despite the five hurricanes that slammed into the US last year, a lot of residents along the East and Gulf Coasts apparently are not making basic preparations in case another big one hits.

A Mason-Dixon poll indicates most people in those areas don't plan to take even simple steps to protect their families and homes from a hurricane. Max Mayfield is the director of the National Hurricane Center Director, "The poll indicated one in four coastal residents believe they could drive out of harm's way merely 30 minutes to an hour before the hurricane makes land fall and that's dangerous folly. People need to know that the low-lying roads may very well become impassable several hours before landfall."

The poll exposes some dangerous myths. One in four people believe they could leave low-lying areas just an hour or less before a hurricane hits, and more than half of those surveyed say masking tape can stop glass from shattering. Experts say that is not true.