Man Wounded In Weekend Shooting

Until Sunday morning, things had been pretty quiet in the housing complex on Avalon Street in Diboll; that's where Earline Walker's son, Calvin, was shot twice with a 9 mm pistol.

Walker said Calvin was shot once "in the side [but it] came out through his back, and then the other [bullet was] in his leg."

Police are looking for 20-year-old Ulises Tapia of Lufkin. They say Tapia went to the Avalon neighborhood looking for Calvin's older brother because he'd had problems with him before. When Calvin said he didn't know where his brother was, several shots were fired.

Detective Richard Thompson said, "As he was leaving the area, he had jumped into the back of a pickup, and from all the witness statements, he was continuing to fire at other subjects as they were leaving the area."

One of those bullets hit a window and went inside a home. A car stopped yet another bullet from entering the home next door where a young boy lives.

"I just want his friends to back up and don't try to do [anything] about it, before they get in trouble too," Walker said. "Let the laws handle it, and the person that did this, I wish he would just come on and tell the truth about what happened and give himself up so he can pay for this."

Tapia isn't the only person wanted for being part of the 3:00 a.m. shooting.

Detective Thompson said, "We don't know for sure exactly who was driving the vehicle. Anybody with any information, as far as the driver of the vehicle or whose vehicle it may be, would be greatly appreciated."

Twenty-one year-old Calvin is in good condition at a Lufkin hospital.

Ulises Tapia is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, call the Diboll Police Department. He's also wanted on a probation violation in a burglary case. Diboll police now plan to charge him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Sunday's shooting.