Zavalla chief cracking down on drug problem

Zavalla chief cracking down on drug problem
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - It was the mistrial felt across East Texas, after an Angelina County jury deadlock in Tommy Granger's murder trial.

However, what was said after the ruling by Judge Bob Inselman has resonated with residents the most.

"Zavalla can be better than it is right now," Inselman said. "Y'all know and I know, there is a serious drug problem, and some of y'all are a part of the problem. In Zavalla, and our county, and our state."

"I don't think drugs are a reason for a crime," Zavalla resident, Brittany Reppond said. "I think it plays a part in it, but I think it's more of the individual. You have a choice to do it."

Officials said drug usage in East Texas has been a factor in numerous crimes in recent years.
"I believe that drugs do play a major part in crime, I think that's happened all over the United States," Zavalla Police Chief Stefani Wade said.

"Ninety percent of the cases that come inside this court room are drug related," Inselman said. "Not just possession of drugs, but murder, and sexual assault. "You can look at the problem and the problem is drugs."

Wade said meth labs and other drug populated areas are happening right outside the city limits of Zavalla and are being brought in by individuals.

Wade and her team plan on doing whatever it takes to crack down on drug usage in the area.

"Since I've been appointed Chief of police here I have stepped up patrols," Wade said. "I've increased our number of officers, and made sure that we've made contacts."

"Since Chief Wade has become the new Chief of Police I've seen more red and blues here in this town then I've ever have," Reppond said.

Wade said there are plenty resources available for people who suffer from addiction and ask the public if they see any illegal activity to report it.

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