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05/11/05 - Angelina County

Students Show Off Innovative Inventions In Science/Tech Fair

by Ramonica R. Jones

For the first time in several years, this year's science and technology fair featured what's called the Egg Car Go competition. 

Students get 20 minutes to build a car and they're not allowed to test drive it ahead of time.  Sound easy?  Guess again.

Contestant Erick Anthony said, "The gum didn't hold the wheels like we thought it would, so it just fell apart halfway down."

Egg Car Go contestants had to see how far their egg car could go; kinda tricky, considering the rules.

"They're made out of egg cartons, of course, and whatever else they have in the bag when they get to the staging area to put it together to make it run," explained a judge.

The popular Catapult contest had the most competitors this year.  As usual, some contestants went all out, but nothing got more attention than one team with their out of control Hovercraft.

"We couldn't get it to stop because it was still on; it just kept going and we couldn't get it to stop because then it went downhill so it started going faster," said contestant Leighken Freeland.

You can always expect crazy contraptions and dazzling designs at the science and tech fair, but there's always room for more traditional projects.

It's a day designed to be fun, but also a way to showcase some of the best young minds around.

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