East Texas woman donates kidney to stranger after seeing message on car

East Texas woman donates kidney to stranger after seeing message on car
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:Brittany Reppond
Source:Brittany Reppond

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman donated her kidney to a complete stranger after seeing a sign asking for a kidney donor on a car.

Brittany Reppond, of Zavalla, didn't know she was a match, but said God brought them together.

"It was kind of like God put me there at that time and that person there at that time," Reppond said. "I was standing underneath a tent and I saw that car was parked there for quite awhile. On the back of it said 'My brother needs a kidney,' so I walked inside and asked the cashier if you know whose car this is."

"You're really in a dark place when you have kidney disease," kidney recipient, Arthur Corenblith said. "I want to say slowly deteriorate. Sometimes it's not so slow, and you're seeing the numbers deteriorate, but then you're seeing parts of your body start to kind of go."

Corenblith had been searching for five years for a match. Family and friends were counted out due to medical reasons and that's when he almost lost hope.

"He's been waiting for a long time, I think he was 93% in Kidney failure," Reppond said.

"Far down the line it feels like it's the end and you're looking at your family and very sad about the whole thing," Corenblith said.

Reppond said God is responsible for turning the strangers into friends.

"It was put on my heart like for me to do it," Reppond said. "I prayed about it and I said 'God if it's your will let me be a match, if it's not your will then I won't be a match' and I was a perfect match."

Three months later they had the surgery. The National Guard said it was difficult to convince her team to allow her to go through with it, but she's glad she did.

"They kind of weren't really giving me answers," Reppond said. "Some were against it, and some were for it. They were saying I was going to get kicked out. I told them that they can kick me out because I'm doing it regardless."

For that Corenblith  is thankful. Reppond's selfless gift, ultimately saved his life.

"I've been thinking of how can I repay this girl, and it's just impossible," Corenblith said.

"To me it's what I do, I help people," Reppond said. "I'd give my life for somebody who's in need."

Reppond is now being awarded by the National Guard for her selfless act. She said she hopes by sharing her story more people will consider to donate.

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