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Hurricane Matthew looks to take on a unique track

Hurricane Matthew's projected path. Hurricane Matthew's projected path.
A cool breeze will usher in lower humidity this weekend. A cool breeze will usher in lower humidity this weekend.

Hurricane watches and warnings are in effect for the Bahamas and even much of the east coast of Florida as dangerous Hurricane Matthew sets its sights on the eastern seaboard over the next few days.

The projected path for Hurricane Matthew is rather unusual, but not unprecedented, as it will skirt along the eastern seaboard before turning out to sea and then possibly looping back around toward Florida.

The same trough of low pressure that will bring us a cool front this weekend was expected to pick up Matthew and steer it out to sea, giving the east coast a glancing blow.

However, that trough is not as strong as it once was, which means Matthew may very well slow down, turn around, and head back toward Florida by the middle of next week.  I know that sounds bizarre, but anytime the steering currents become weak, a total shift in direction is certainly possible, which is why this bears watching for quite some time.

There are many uncertainties with this storm, which is why Floridians and residents along the Georgia and Carolina coast will remain on edge.

It should be noted that the flow around Matthew will funnel drier air into East Texas.  This will inhibit our rain chances as the cool front expected to move through Lufkin and Nacogdoches late Friday afternoon will be moisture starved.

This will lead to a nice, comfortable weekend for us while the same cannot be said for our friends and neighbors off to our east.

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