Morning greetings by Lufkin Middle School staff sends positive message

Morning greetings by Lufkin Middle School staff sends positive message
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff
Source:KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A nice greeting and a simple high five is how staff members are helping jumpstart the morning for Lufkin middle school students.

"You kind of get to know them," LMS research officer, Ralph Bean said. "They look for you in the morning time, and they want to give you a high-five or the fist bump. "You're building a relationship with the students and law enforcement."

Good morning, are two simple words that staff members at LMS use to wake up students and get them excited about the day ahead.

"It feels good, it really helps me wake up," LMS 7th grader, Connor Ainsworth said.

"It encourages the students to come to school," bilingual para professional, Jonas Martinez said. "Especially the parents, they feel privileged that they have somebody who their kids can trust and smile at."

For those of us who needs that extra alarm clock, a smile and a high five does the trick.

"In the mornings I'm just brain dead and then I talk to somebody and it gets my brain going," Ainsworth said.

"You get to meet them in the morning when they're sleep and kind of wake them up and say, 'good morning how you doing," Bean said.

Parents say they've taken notice.

"It gives an overall really good feeling of LMS, and makes the students feel welcomed," LMS parent, Elizabeth Mcclain said. "It makes the parents feel good that they're being watched after."

Starting student's day off with a smile is just one of the many things that personnel said makes their job more meaningful.

"It makes me feel awesome, I mean every morning it's a reason for me to wake up and come to work," Martinez said. "It's an exciting job."

"Being in the parking lot in the morning time is something that I really enjoy because you get to see the kids coming to school," Bean said. "Being out here we need some traffic direction and that lets the parents know that their kids is going to be safe getting out of the car and getting into school."

"It's all about a small town feeling and Lufkin's great," Mcclain said. "We have a small town but we have everything that's good in it. It starts with good kids."

These simple greetings are helping to spread positivity in each student's day.

Staff members said they plan on having an even stronger presence once the upgraded parking lot is complete.

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