Angelina County United Way kicks off with record start

Angelina County United Way kicks off with record start
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin United Way campaign sign is back at its normal spot outside of the Lufkin Mall.

The organization started it's campaign to raise $335,000 two weeks ago and the campaign  is already a third of the way to their goal.

"I was shocked when I saw the numbers yesterday that we already hit 32 percent," insurance agent Hunter Haglund said.

Campaign Chairman Scott Skelton said the total is large compared to other areas the size of Angelina County but it is a goal that is a little smaller than in years past. In previous years the goal was higher with employees of Lufkin Industries and later GE giving a large amount of the final total, but layoffs at the company as well as others made the group think about a smaller goal this year.

"When we looked at the budget We knew we were going to have to have a really tight budget and make sure that we made every dollar count," Skelton said. "So yea it was a concern but we have a giving community."

The funds raised will go to help non-profits in the area give back to those they serve including groups like the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council who to date raised around $5,500 so far this year towards the goal.

"Agencies like us could not operate without the local support so this year, just like every year is important but with the economy the way it is," said Kim Simmons, ADAC Director of Prevention. "For this year having a lower campaign it is incredibly important that people give this year.  We had an opportunity for our employees to give and had games an other things set up at the office. it was a way to give back as well."

Going over the goal by early November like other years is the plan and other groups said they are willing to step up to make up the difference.

"I hope we do go above the budget," Skelton said. "We have a history of going above the budget."

"We lean on people like the insurance division and other divisions to make up for that short fall that we have had in the past," Hagland said.

Here is the latest breakdown of the campaign so far:

Corporate Business Julie Rhodes 22308 30% 75000
Diboll Crystal Williams 30000 35% 85000
Financial Chris Caraway 7465 24% 30000
General Solicitations Jim Denman 6996 33% 21000
Healthcare Dr. Brian Humphreys 2000 7% 30000
Retail Chase Luce 3608 40% 9000
Public Service Rodney Ivy 18000
LISD Sheila Adams 13850 92% 15000
Media Andy Adams 950 12% 8000
Attorneys Scott Skelton 1250 21% 6000
Insurance Hunter Haglund/Theda Moseley 10500 100% 10500
Huntington David Flowers 1500 30% 5000
Lufkin St. Supported Living Center Lynn Hopper 3421 68% 5000
Angelina College Nancy Reynolds 530 13% 4000
Dentists Dr. Taylor McKewen/Pattie Danna 4000
Hudson Donny Webb 2718 60% 4500
Realtors Savannah Golden 825 33% 2500
Central/Pollok 500
Zavalla Ricky Oliver 500
Total 107921 32% 333500

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