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East Texans provide relief to Haiti

Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff

The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is now being felt with over 800 deaths now being reported along with a path of destruction. 

Mission Coordinator Bob Ford with the the first United Methodist Church in Lufkin said they’ve been hit hard.

“The hurricane really struck the south western peninsula of Haiti very strongly. The estimates that we’re getting are that ninety to ninety five percent of homes, businesses and structures were destroyed.” Ford said.

With thousands more now homeless there is no better time to lend aid to the country.

Ford and the church have been heavily involved with helping Haiti over the years.

“The last four years we’ve developed a clean water project that we’re working with in fourteen different communities in Haiti, providing individual clean water filters for homes.” Ford said.

The church isn’t the only one that’s been involved with assisting Haiti.

Doctor Sally Muhlbach with Audiological Services in Lufkin has been helping provide children with the gift of hearing for years.

“We go to deaf schools, we stay in Port Au Prince typically and each day is spent in a different deaf school. We test children and students who are identified with hearing and fit them for hearing aids.” Muhlbach said.

Her most recent trip was just 2 short weeks ago.

“We tested 167 children and we fit 99 of them with hearing aids.” Muhlbach said. 

Muhlbach said that being able to help these children brought joy to her heart.

“To see a child hear for the first time is unbelievable.” Muhlbach said.

With the county’s recent turmoil, there’s no better time to lend a hand.

"They're there with no food, no electricity, no clean sources of water so it's a crisis, it's a humanitarian crisis and I think the quicker that we get people there on the ground to start addressing some of the basic needs, the more lives that are going to be saved.” Ford said.

Audiological Services works with United Methodist Men and accepts donations by mail with hope of hearing ministry on the fore line.

The First United Methodist Church is also always looking for more volunteers.

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