Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week - Yeti thieves

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week - Yeti thieves

From Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

LUFKIN, TEXAS (News Release) - When asked what to call someone who thinks anything not under lock and key is theirs for the taking, some people say "dirtbag" or "lowlife" while others simply say "thief." Whatever you call them, Crime Stoppers has video of two such people stealing a Yeti cooler from the bed of a truck, and we need help identifying them.

At, you can view video of the theft. The video is pixelated and a little choppy, but enough details about the thieves and their vehicle can be made out that it should not take long for names to be provided through an anonymous tip.

The theft happened at Pilot Travel Center on East Denman Avenue in Lufkin and involved a man and a woman, both white, possibly Hispanic, in a light-colored, four-door Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon (a small truck). The woman was pumping gas when the man noticed that the driver of another truck in the parking lot was giving away a 65-quart Yeti cooler, or at least that is the logical conclusion since no one bothered to post a "do not steal" sign.

Instead of taking it right away, he pointed out their prize to his co-conspirator and had her drive him to the other truck. After a few hesitations, he shoved the cooler into the back seat of their truck and slid back into the passenger seat as the woman drove away.

Watch the video and, if you know the thieves, submit an anonymous tip at or by calling (936) 639-TIPS.  Calls and tips directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and a tip that leads to an arrest might be eligible for a reward. Don't put off watching the video or submitting a tip because this case will not take long to solve and only the first, most accurate tip received can be rewarded.