Affidavit: Crockett man threatened group with machete, hit people with car

Affidavit: Crockett man threatened group with machete, hit people with car

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Crockett Police Department arrested a 52-year-old man Sunday after he allegedly threatened a group of people with a machete and then hit several people with his car.

Frederick Fitzgerald Scott, of Crockett, was arrested and charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
According to the arrest affidavit, a Crockett PD officer was dispatched out to the 100 block of George Briggs at about 10:51 p.m. on Oct. 8 in reference to a group of people that had been hot by a white, 4-door car. While the officer was on his way to the scene, he learned that Scott was the driver and the car was a white Nissan with the back bumper missing.

At the scene, the Crockett PD saw a large group of people gathered around what appeared to be several victims. After clearing part of the crowd, the officer was able to gather information for two out of the three victims.

The Crockett PD officer learned from witnesses at the scene that Scott had been drinking most of the day and had been threatening people with a machete, the affidavit stated. When he was told to leave, Scott allegedly got into his car and started to drive toward a large group gathered on the street.

"He then began to drive erratically and uncontrollably at which time people began running to try and get out of the way," the affidavit stated. "The vehicle then slammed into two of the victims, causing internal injuries and abrasions which were later treated at the Houston County Medical Center."

After the officer got a description of what Scott was wearing, he tried to locate him. A few hours later, another Crockett PD officer located the vehicle matching the witnesses' descriptions at a home in the 900 block of Foster Street. When the officer tried to make contact with Scott, he saw him sleeping heavily inside the home, the affidavit stated.

The officer who responded to the initial call took pictures of the car and noticed a machete in the car's passenger seat, the affidavit stated.

The Crockett PD officer was dispatched back out to the location in the 100 block of George Briggs at about 5:45 a.m. Sunday after Scott called 911 and reported an assault, the affidavit stated. As backup arrived on the scene, the officer noticed that Scott was wearing the same clothes described by witnesses the night before.

For the officers' safety, Scott was taken into custody. Scott told the officers that he had been assaulted by a large man and wanted to report it, the affidavit stated. No weapons were found on Scott, and he told the officer that the machete was in his car, the affidavit stated.

When the Crockett PD officer asked Scott about the incident from the night before, he said that he was being harassed.

Scott was then taken to the Houston County Jail without any further incident.

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