Houston County natural gas plant gives back to Crockett

Houston County natural gas plant gives back to Crockett

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Just west of Crockett you will find the Alamo Processing plant. The Natural gas facility has been operating for 10 months and is trying to fit in with the community.

"We believe in the industry and we are an active part of that industry," said Grant Ruckel, Energy Transfer Vice President of Government Affairs. "The hydrocarbons and molecules have got to get from point A to point B and point C in a safe efficient manner so we are a part of that. We enjoy being here."

Getting the plant running was a three year process that began at commissioners court. Houston County Judge Erin Ford admitted he knew bringing in the plant that employees around 25 would be a gain for the county, but he was unaware of the community support Energy Transfer would show.

Today Energy transfer made it known just how much they value the local community when they delivered a new school bus to the district.

"They just called and asked us what they could help us with. I just said, 'Gosh, I'm having to purchase three school buses this year. If you guys could buy one or two or three that would be great," Crockett ISD Superintendent Terry Myers said.

The bus cost the company around $90,000.

"We believe fervently in the education process," Ruckel said. "That process begins in the classroom and on the bus. These students will become teachers and lawyers and maybe some even engineers in the natural gas industry."

The company did get a tax abatement from the county and district when they agreed to move in and with the purchase of the bus tax payers are getting a break as well.

"In this district that equates to about 2 cents on our tax rate," Myers said. "What a godsend for this school district. What a neat thing. This is not something that any company is required to do."

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