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More charges coming for Sabine County constable

Jerry Webb (Source: Sabine County Jail) Jerry Webb (Source: Sabine County Jail)
Source: Todd Malone Source: Todd Malone
Source: Todd Malone Source: Todd Malone

More criminal charges are pending for a Sabine County constable accused of shooting a woman in the hand before beating her, according to the Sabine County district attorney.

According to District Attorney Kevin Dutton, Jerry Dan Webb, 66, of Bronson, is accused of shooting a woman in the hand with a shotgun before dragging her around by her hair and hitting her with the stock of a shotgun Saturday night.

A DPS trooper arrested Webb in the early morning hours of Sunday, according to a press release from the DA's office. He is currently charged with evading detention by motor vehicle.

Texas Ranger Danny Young has been called in to assist in the investigation and the DA's office anticipates filing several felony charges against Webb after the investigation, according to the press release.

Todd Malone said it was his sister, Lori Nicole Williams, 32, of Bronson, who is the victim. He said the two were in a romantic relationship. Today he is speaking out telling his sister's side of the story.

“I asked her what happened, she said she was visiting a friend about 2,500 feet from where we are standing right now, in the middle of town,” Malone said.  “Jerry Dan arrived at her friend’s house kicked the door in with a shotgun in his hand, asked where she was and fired two shots hitting her in the hand.”

Malone said he wants to see the law treat Webb fairly despite being an elected official in the county for the last 28 years.

“This is about someone who was elected in this county to uphold and serve the people, and he shoots the woman he is in a relationship with,” said Todd Malone. “I have always said, there’s good bad and there’s bad guys. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing a badge or not, but there is always a bad guy. This is a bad guy, this is the chance for our government to show us what to do with a bad guy that happens to wear a badge, period.”

Malone said his sister is suffering more than physically, but also emotionally. She will undergo several more surgeries, but is expected to make a full recovery. Now, he is asking the community to put themselves in his family’s position and understand why this needs to be taken seriously.

“I have no problem with you loving Jerry Dan, you should, especially if he’s a family member but remember what he’s done,” Malone said. “This is about right and wrong, and I’m trusting that he will held accountable for what he’s done to my sister.”

Additional charges will be filed following the Texas Ranger, and Sabine County Law enforcement’s investigation. District Attorney Kevin Dutton added that paperwork will be submitted to the District Clerk tomorrow requesting a search warrant of Webb. In addition, they will submit a request for the County Judge to sign an arrest affidavit.

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