BRAC List Includes Lufkin Armory

The Texas Army National Guard office in Lufkin is one of more than a dozen military installations in the state recommended for closure or realignment.  Now, the National Guard has to respond to those recommendations made by the Department of Defense.

Texas National Guard public affairs officer Lt. Col. John Stanford said, "If there was a decision to close the armory in Lufkin, that would mean that the unit would be relocated to somewhere else.  These things are now being studied in depth by our staff."

Even if the Lufkin armory does close or get realigned, it won't happen anytime soon.

"This process is years long.  It could be two years, three years, from a decision point to the time that a new facility might exist or a unit might move.  So, this isn't anything that's [going to] happen overnight."

There is no definite reason the Lufkin armory was put on the BRAC list.  The Base Realignment and Closure Commission looks at several things when deciding if bases should be closed, or units realigned.

Lt. Col. Stanford said, "They looked at the age of facilities; they looked at recruiting potential; they looked at the future mission that the state of Texas would be involved in."

There are three full time employees at the National Guard armory in Lufkin, including a recruiter.  There are also about 80 soldiers assigned to the facility as part time National Guardsmen.

The base realignment and closure commission will now review the Pentagon's list and send its recommendations to President Bush.  The president must issue a list to Congress by September 23rd.  Congress then has 45 days to reject the list before it becomes official.