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Angelina County democratic party hopeful after Hillary Clinton's strategic advertisement move

Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff

It was a rare occurrence with the most recent polls in Texas showing that Hillary Clinton is in the error of margin.

With Texas being a primarily Red state and with the race so tight, Clinton surprised many by being the first democratic candidate in two decades to buy advertising in Texas.

The most recent polls in Texas showed that Donald Trump was only ahead by about two percent.

Angelina County democratic volunteer Tamara Crail-Walters said that Clinton has been gaining momentum.

“We have been seeing the people come out of the woodwork to support her.” Walters said.

Clinton surprised many when a new promo aired after being endorsed by the Dallas Morning News, making her the first democratic candidate to purchase advertising in the state of Texas in about twenty years.

“She’s come within the margin of error which means she’s almost even with him and I think with some advertising they figure that it’s going to increase her numbers.” Walters said.

The latest poll numbers are surprisingly close for Texas which is typically a predominantly republican state.

Angelina County Democratic Party Chair Shirley Layton said that Texas could be a democratic state if everyone voted.

“Texas should be a blue state if you looked at everybody that’s eligible to vote. If they voted it would be blue, but we have suppressed the democratic vote somehow and convinced the people that we’re a red state and so people stay home and they say my vote doesn’t count.” Layton said.

The advertising promotion may have been the perfect strategic move for the candidate.

“They’re spending from what I read 1.5 million and the ads will air in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston.” Layton said.

With the margin so close, the advertising move could help Clinton gain some of the as of yet undecided voters.  

“One of the things that the campaign has said from the very beginning is that they aren’t taking any state for granted, they aren’t taking the negative vote or the positive vote for granted. When they saw the opportunity to come into Texas because of the polling they acted on it.” Walters said.

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