Residents Worried About Damascus Woods Road

Damascus Woods Road looks a lot different than it did a few weeks ago.  People living there say it was so bad, they were afraid to drive on it, especially after it rained.

"Sometimes you'd get stuck and it'd get so muddy," one woman said.

Residents are glad the road's fixed, but now, they're worried about blowouts. Big rocks help big trucks cross the road when it's muddy, but they don't do smaller vehicles any good.

Francis Brack said, "They put these big old rocks out here, so now we all get blowouts from these rocks; my cousin's had one, I've had one, my neighbor's had one."

For years, Damascus Woods Road has been almost impossible to cross after a hard rain, but even after extensive reconstruction, residents are still worried.

"I'm waiting [until] after a good rain to see how the road's gonna hold up," Brack said.

Damascus Woods Road had gotten so bad, school buses refused to use it. Now that the road's fixed, buses have started picking kids up again on that road.