Clardy faces democratic challenger for State Rep District 11

Clardy faces democratic challenger for State Rep District 11
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - We're officially two weeks away from Election Day, and while a lot of attention has been surrounding the presidential race, at home we're focusing on other candidates down the ballot.

There are two candidates vying for State Representative of House District 11.

Stephen J. Wright is a teacher in Nacogdoches who said it's time to make some changes in Austin.

"We need a teacher in the capital," Democratic candidate, Wright said. "The state's top constitutional obligation is to provide for our public schools and we've got a lot of legislatures who talk a big game on that but they don't back it up with any action."

However his opponent, (R) Travis Clardy, has held the position of District 11 State Representative for the last two terms and believes someone with experience would be better fit.

"I think experience on this job somebody that can go back and do it right," Clardy said. "I've learned the things to do, the kind of leadership that we need, and the vision for the future. I think I'm the right person for the job."

However Wright disagrees.

"I think on a lot of people are tired of the establishment candidates and their positions," Wright said. "Whether it's healthcare, decriminalization issues, equal pay for equal work, or the minimum wage, I think I offer an alternative."

"Higher education and public education have always been an emphasis of my agenda in the legislature and those are going to be big issues coming back," Clardy said. "We've done a great job working on transportation and water."

The two haven't agreed on much this election. For one, Clardy's support for Republican nominee- Donald Trump.

"Way back I was asked have I endorsed anybody in this race and I said absolutely, I committed at the start that I'm going to support the nominee of the party and that's Mr. Trump," Clardy said. "I do strongly support our nominee and all of our candidates up and down the ticket."

"I understand supporting your party's nominee, but the comments and actions of Donald Trump are misogynistic, they're sexiest," Wright said. "I wouldn't tolerate that type of behavior from my students."

This election has had its share of controversy.

Wright told KTRE that a scheduled debate was canceled. However Clardy said he knew nothing about it.

"I never agreed to do a debate that they were talking about either," Clardy said. "What I agreed to do was a forum with AFT, but they had to cancel it because of a schedule conflict."

"I was disappointed and I'm still extremely disappointed," Wright said. "We had a great debate set up that the Texas AFT and the NAACP chapter of SFA had set up. My opponent had committed to that debate, I had as well. My only condition was that it be public."

These two do agree on one thing, and that's voting.

"I would hope that they look down the ballot and judge the individual candidate for themselves," Wright said. "I know some people identify as republican, some as democrats, and I would strongly encourage them to give me a look."

"I'm encouraging everybody, regardless of your positions or view points, to get out and vote," Clardy said. "It's a civic right and I believe it's a civic responsibility."

If you live in District 11 then you're able to cast in your vote for either candidate during early voting which ends on November 4th.

Or you can wait until Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th.

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