Crockett PD nabs suspect in multiple vehicle burglaries, car thefts

Crockett PD nabs suspect in multiple vehicle burglaries, car thefts

From the Crockett Police Department

CROCKETT, TEXAS (News Release) - In the early morning hours of Tuesday, at approximately 5 a.m., Cortez Xavier Foreman, a black male, age 20, was arrested at an apartment on George Briggs Street in Crockett. Foreman, who is originally from Crockett, was tracked to this location by detectives and officers with the Crockett Police Department. He had burglarized numerous vehicles on multiple streets on the East Side of town near Gordon Drive, Cordell Street, Easy Street, E. Houston, and E. Goliad area late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Foreman had also stolen a vehicle in the 200 block of Cordell Street, described as a Subaru SUV and was using it to drive around as he burglarized other vehicles in the area. This vehicle was recovered on San Jacinto Street near Gordon Drive when Foreman parked the vehicle in the road and was attempting to burglarize another vehicle in the 500 block of Gordon Drive. This was when an alert neighbor on Gordon Drive spotted the thief attempting to burglarize their vehicle and called the police. Officers who were already patrolling the area, due to past burglaries in the neighborhood, responded quickly and spotted the suspect and began a foot chase with the suspect.

The suspect was able to escape and ran towards the West and ended up stealing another vehicle, a Ford F-150, from the 200 block of Pecan Street in an effort to get away. The suspect drove the stolen truck to a location near West Austin Street and Curtis Street where he abandoned the stolen truck from Pecan. He then went to an apartment on George Briggs Street where he was tracked and later arrested by police.

Foreman, who has a lengthy history of similar crimes two years ago, had just served time in a state jail facility and had gotten out this past month. The BMVs and thefts began in Crockett shortly thereafter. Foreman is currently in the Houston County Jail after being arrested in the early morning hours on 10-25-16 and was charged with the following charges: Felony Theft 3rd Degree and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle which is a State-Jail Felony. Foreman had three additional felony warrants served on him today, 10-27-16, for Theft, which are all 3rd degree felonies. The punishment range for a third degree felony is 2 to 10 years in the penitentiary for each count.

Foreman also has to have a GPS ankle monitor placed on him if he is able to make bond due to his history of criminalities and the seriousness and vastness of these recent crimes. Foreman is believed to be responsible for numerous other burglaries of motor vehicles and two other car thefts from the past several weeks in the same general area. DNA and fingerprint evidence that were recovered from those cases will be sent to a lab with the known samples from Foreman and another suspect for comparison analysis and future charges could be filed when those results are returned.

Officers are reminding citizens to lock their vehicles at night and keep all valuables inside their homes and not in their vehicles.  We want to also encourage our citizens to not leave their keys in their vehicles as this makes their vehicles easy targets for criminals such as Foreman

We would like to thank the public for their help in this case as they did exactly what we asked them to do in an earlier press release and that was to keep an eye out for suspicious persons in the neighborhood, keep an eye on their neighbors, and call if anyone suspicious was spotted. We had beefed up patrols in the area and were able to get numerous officers out quickly who did a great job of collecting evidence and tracking the suspect to the apartment on George Briggs where he was hiding and was arrested.

Evidence was recovered from some of the burglaries at the apartment where Foreman was hiding and we are in the process of returning the items to their rightful owners after the evidence has been photographed and processed. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges on Foreman are forthcoming. Other suspects could be involved and could be arrested in regards to similar crimes in the same area. Anyone who received property from Foreman or who is aware of additional recent criminal information on Foreman or other suspects is urged to contact Crockett Police CID Division.