Nacogdoches brothers bring humor to 2016 presidential race

Nacogdoches brothers bring humor to 2016 presidential race
Source: Peppard Brothers
Source: Peppard Brothers
Source: Peppard Brothers
Source: Peppard Brothers
Source: Peppard Brothers
Source: Peppard Brothers

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Spence and Tyler Peppard are not sure who to tell people they should vote for.

The Nacogdoches brothers compare the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to a reality show or a three-ringed circus. They have also added their own humor to the race.

"Wait are we running for president," Spence said when asked why he was running.

The two have started making campaign videos and have redesigned their personal website to look like an official campaign site.

"It all started over a year ago," Spence said. "We wanted to have a site where we could show off our work."

Spence and Tyler have become famous through the internet. In 2007, Spence made his first video called "Crazy". I has been viewed over 1 million times. Tyler made his viral debut a couple of years ago when a photograph he took became a meme and was picked up by several sites such as Chive.

The two said they do not officially meet all of the requirements to be the next Commander in Chief but they do feel they are better choices.

"We are used car salesmen, we sale pressure washers and we're are musicians," Spence said. "Naturally, that makes us less corrupt than Clinton and Trump."

For the two, picking who would be president and who would be vice president was easy.

"When we took the picture, he was on the left and I was on the right so naturally you would put president first and vice president second," Tyler said. "I wouldn't call myself presidential material but vice, I am that all day long."

The two have also put their creative skills to work on campaign shirts as well. While they don't have a shirt that displays their slogan,"We'll make sure your wasted vote does not go to waste", they do have shirts for Trump and Clinton. They have a Hillary design with emails going in a trash can and a Trump shirt that reads "Make America vote smart in the primaries again."

"We have actually got a lot of people saying, 'You got my vote'," Spence said.

"This year with the landscape, it is funny enough in reality," Tyler said. "They did not need us to make this a circus. I don't think that our site would have got any attention if this race was not as crazy as it is."

The two said they have gotten positive feedback from people in the community. When asked what their wives felt, the two just shrugged.

"They married us," They knew what they were getting into," Spence said.

"Yea, this all goes with the In sickness and in health' vow," Tyler said.

When asked if they had any advice for people heading out to the polls, all the two could do was laugh.

"May the force be with you," Spence said.

"Yea, just close your eyes and make a selection," Tyler said.

Through all of the jokes and laughter the two did want to prove a point.

"One thing I have seen on Facebook is friends going at each other and saying, 'I'm never going to talk to you again,'" Spence said. "I'm like, 'Think about it. You're doing this over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Is that worth losing a friend over? I think not."

You can visit the site here.

You can watch the campaign video here:

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