Squirrel Hunters Spook Resident

A scared woman called the Angelina County sheriff's department Monday morning after seeing two men in her yard with guns, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Authorities found out the armed men were squirrel hunters.

Several Angelina County deputies showed up at a home on Marion Ferry Road to look for the men.  It turns out, the duo ignored signs warning them they were on somebody's property, causing a big commotion.

Sheriff Kent Henson said, "If you're going to hunt, I'd stay off the property lines and for goodness sake, don't come out on their property with a gun.  If you do, come up, knock on the door; at least talk to them, tell them what you're doing."

Most property lines are clearly marked so hunters will know when they're in someone's yard.  If there is any question, hunters should always try to ask somebody before hunting on unfamiliar land.