New Drug Combination Is Definitely Cause For Alarm

Mix Ecstasy with Viagra and you get what is called Sextasy.

Taken alone, Ecstasy provides an overwhelming feeling of love and affection, but most users can't perform sexually.  That's where Viagra comes in.

Phyllis Grandgeorge, executive director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, said, "Their ability to function lasts a lot longer than they normally would, and so they're exhausted and that is dangerous for a young person."

Mixing street drugs with prescription drugs is asking for trouble.  The side effects can last a lot longer than a one night trip.

"It can cause brain damage," said Grandgeorge.  "It can cause you to have a heart attack and many other complications."

East Texas pharmacists know all prescribed drugs can be dangerous if taken improperly, especially by a teenager.

Pharmacist John Long said, "If you don't know what side effects to expect or you don't know what kind of side effects may occur from doubling or tripling a dose, which often occurs when someone's abusing it, that can be deadly."

You usually can't get Viagra without a prescription, but with a little help from an Internet pharmacy, you can order a prescription in no time.

Some kids are also getting Viagra illegally on the streets.  Others are taking it from their family's medicine cabinet.