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05/16/05 - Nacogdoches

Man Refuses To Collect Sales Tax

by Donna McCollum

When Eddie Craig opened IT Freelancers, a computer sales and repair shop, he got a sales tax permit. He collected the tax and always filed on time. Then he stopped after picking up a law book. He now claims the sales tax law is a violation of his constitutional rights. "They can't make me go out and direct traffic on the street corner. How can they make me collect the tax?," claimed Craig.

The state comptroller's office starts by warning Craig that he's thousands of dollars delinquent in his collections. Craig wonders where the state got their figures. "There's nothing when this was supposed to be accrued or how they came to this figure. Nothing. Basically, it's like a robber sticking up and saying, 'you better have nine grand in your wallet or I'm going to blow your brains out,'" cited Craig.

Instead, the state seized his assets and froze his bank account. The next step are criminal charges. Yet, Craig continues to operate as he's always done. He refuses to use a social security number and refuses to collect a sales tax. "For the state to come in and say they can charge a tax on my labor that I have contracted to another person, that is also ludicrous," said Craig.

Craig cites law, even the Bible, to support his beliefs. He says he's not affiliated with any political party, but a representative from the state comptroller's office calls him the Texas Republic member refusing to pay his taxes.

The state comptroller's office is currently very busy, with only two weeks left in the legislative session. A spokesman referred our questions to the agency's website on tax billings and past due taxes.

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