Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Cell phone theft

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Cell phone theft

From the Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

LUFKIN, TEXAS (News Release) - Detective J.B. Smith, a spokesman for Deep East Crime Stoppers, said that they've already received numerous tips, and they have identified the suspect in this case.  Smith said he cannot release a name at this time because no charges have been filed in, and the suspect might be a juvenile.

Crime Stoppers has assisted in solving several mobile phone thefts and each time we know someone will question the seriousness of the crime and the reason for paying a reward. At least one social media comment will ask, "Why bother with a theft when (insert the crime de jour) go unsolved?"

First, if you know of a "more serious" unsolved crime, and you can solve it, please submit an anonymous tip; we can handle many crime tips at once.  Second, these so-called "minor" crimes are arrestable offenses, they impact all of us, and they must to be stopped.

Your phone, which can cost as much as $1,000 to replace, can store everything about your life. Many of us use our phone to hold personal and confidential information, usernames and passwords, and even credit card and bank account numbers.  So, phone thefts result in stolen identities and related crimes.

This week's Crime of the Week video, posted at, shows a man stealing a phone that a Taco Bell diner set down while filling her drink. The thief was carrying a small child and didn't look hurried or anxious; he even asked about applying for a job before leaving with the stolen phone. He left in a small, black, four-door car.

If you can identify this thief, submit an anonymous tip at or by call (936) 639-TIPS.  Calls and tips directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and the first, most accurate tip that leads to an arrest might be eligible for a reward.