Affidavit: Lufkin High School student hid, then put cord near teacher's neck

Affidavit: Lufkin High School student hid, then put cord near teacher's neck

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Lufkin ISD Police Department arrested a 17-year-old student Monday in connection to allegations that he came up behind an LHS teacher that was working late and put a cord in front of her neck.

When a Lufkin ISD PD officer confronted the teen about what had happened, Tevin Dewayne Sanders said he was conducting a "fight or flight" experiment and scared the teacher intentionally to test her reaction.

Sanders, of Lufkin, is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on two first-degree felony charges - aggravated assault by a public servant and aggravated assault against a public servant. No bail amount has been set at this time.

According to the arrest affidavit, Sanders is a Lufkin High School student. The alleged incident occurred on Oct. 28.

The affidavit stated that the Lufkin ISD PD officer who obtained the affidavit warned Sanders on Sept. 27 about bothering the alleged victim and another teacher by "attempting to get into the kitchen without their knowledge and listening to them talk by standing close to their classroom and making numerous passes by the room." Sanders was told to avoid the home economic and kitchen area unless he had a legitimate school reason to be there, the affidavit stated. The affidavit also stated that he was not to be in the building after 4 p.m.

One of the teachers that Sanders had been warned about bothering was working late in her classroom preparing for the next week's lessons.

Sanders allegedly made several passes by the classroom, and at 4:45 p.m., he entered a lab next to the alleged victim's classroom. The teacher began to hear noises in the room, and she closed the door because she thought a mouse was making the noises.

After closing the door to the darkened room, the alleged victim heard someone knock on the door, the affidavit stated. At that point, the teacher left the classroom to use the external door to turn on the light.

Sanders allegedly then followed her out the door and into her classroom, where he started talking to the teacher about fluorescent paint. He then turned the lights off and told the teacher that he wanted to take a picture of the fluorescent paint, the affidavit stated.

"At that point, the victim was scared and afraid because he intentionally secreted himself in a dark room and watched her through a cracked partially open door," the affidavit stated. "After s short time, he came up behind her and whispered something in her ear and put a white cord in front of her face and was heading down to her neck."

According to the affidavit, the teacher put her hand in front of the cord as it touched her neck, and she pushed it away from her. The alleged victim ordered Sanders out of the classroom, and he allegedly mumbled, "Sorry," as he left.

Surveillance video shows Sanders carrying a white cord consistent with a cell phone charger in his left hand, the affidavit stated.

After the teacher left the classroom, Sanders allegedly slid an apology note that said he didn't mean to "attack" her or give her "discomfort" under the door.

When the Lufkin ISD PD officer confronted Sanders about the alleged assault, the teen said he had been conducting a "fight or flight" experiment and intentionally scared her to test her reaction, the affidavit stated. During the interview, Sanders also bragged several times about scaring the teacher and using the tactics intentionally.

The affidavit stated that Sanders also sent an e-mail to the teacher at 6:41 p.m. on Oct. 28. In the e-mail, he allegedly apologized for a "misguided experimentation."

The interview was captured on the officer's body cam.

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