Click It Or Ticket Kicks Off

Memorial Day is a couple weeks away and law enforcement agencies in East Texas want you to know they'll be watching. Authorities from several city and county offices had a press conference Tuesday to kick off "Click it or Ticket." The campaign starts May 23rd and ends June 5th.

Seatbelt violators will get a ticket if they're caught, but it takes a lot more to be safe than just buckling up yourself.  Your kids also need to be strapped in properly.

Polk County deputy sheriff, Christi Allen, said, "It's very demanding.  There's a lot to it and you just have to make sure that you read the instructions and do it correctly."

There was also a demonstration to show just how dangerous not buckling up can be.  The number one reason for not buckling up is 'I'm not going very far', but research shows most wrecks happen within 25 miles of home.

The Family Expo and Traffic Safety Fair was also held at the civic center in Lufkin.  From heart health to childcare to recreational activities, the expo showcased several businesses and products the whole family can enjoy.