Restaurant Report- Angelina County - 11/03/16

Angelina College Cafeteria & Snack Bar at 3200 S. First: 10 demerits for microwave in kitchen area needed to be cleaned, can opener in kitchen prep area needed to be cleaned, drawers under grill in kitchen prep area needed to be cleaned, deli slicer needed to be cleaned, chipped paint in walk-in cooler needed to be repaired, worn wooden roller needed to be removed, and food stored on floor of walk-in freezer.

El Mariachi Mobile Unit at 1109 E. Denman: 7 demerits for food stored on floor, cold hold at wrong temperature, and hole under hand sink must be sealed from the outside.

Mar Teres Tea Room: 3157 Ted Trout Drive: 6 demerits for toxic items not stored separately from single-service items and bare-handed contact with ready-to eat-foods.

Red Lobster at 1919 S. First: 6 demerits for leak at hand sink needed to be repaired, general clean of kitchen prep area floor needed, and pest control needed to be increased.

Sue's Country Stotre at 13095 Highway 103 East: 6 demerits for raw foods stored above ready-to-eat food, wiping clothes not stored clean and dry or in sanitizing solution, and date-marking needed.

Bodacious BBQ No. 2 2207 W. Frank: 5 demerits for bulk items out of original packaging needed to be labeled, ACCHD-certified food manager not on site, food in walk-in cooler not labeled.

Mexicatessen at 420 Atkinson Drive: 5 demerits for all toxins removed from original container not labeled, single-service items not stored at least six inches off the floor, and general clean needed inside microwave and in the back of reach-in cooler.

Pizza Hut No. 2712 at 4505 S. Medford Drive 4 demerits for general clean needed on the floor near hot water heater and toxic items not stored separate from single-service items.

Renee's Boutique and Salon at 1318 Lufkin Avenue: 3 demerits for Lid needed for restroom trash can and all food in reach-in cooler not labeled and date-marked.