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Humans of SFA account connects campus by telling students stories

Humans of SFA account connects campus by telling students stories

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

A spin off of the popular social media account, Humans of New York, has reached Stephen F. Austin State University and its bringing students together.

The author of the account, Humans of SFA, has asked to remain anonymous in hopes of keeping the movement focused on telling others stories, but after hearing his, it has the ability to inspire many.

“I was born in Troy, New York, and then I went back to South Korea. I grew up there half my life then came back to New York when I was in eighth grade, then moved to Texas when I was in ninth grade, and I have been here ever since,” the author said.

He uses his experience of moving and adjusting to different places as a way to reach out and help others experiencing something similar.

“I believe everyone has a unique story that they can share with others,” the author said. “My main purpose of humans of SFA would be to create a page of pictures, and stories of people that go to SFA that others can relate and learn from.”

He said the questions he asks are meant to encourage others that might relate to the stories, and know they are not alone. Thirty percent of the time, students are confused about what exactly Humans of SFA is, and they turn down an interview. For those that follow the account, they want the campus to know it has the potential to make SFA better for everyone.

“It’s good to remind people that everyone has stories, and things they are going through whether that’s exciting things or sad, it’s easy to forget that sometimes,” said Samantha Johnson who was interviewed by the account and received support through sharing her story.

Johnson is a single mom, working two jobs, and getting her degree from SFA. She said the people that reached out were letting her know that they were going through something similar, and encouraged her to know she wasn’t alone.

Abby Echeverria was another person interviewed that said she had heard of the account before she was interviewed, and thinks it’s a great resource for students on campus to feel more connected.

“Especially in college you don’t necessarily speak to the people you see every single day, and you have no idea who they are, or what their life story is,” Echeverria said. “Now, I look forward to reading the different stories because it presents a totally different perspective on life.”

By sharing the stories of those walking the campus of SFASU, the author hopes the words of wisdom shared by others will make everything better for those that say Axe 'Em Jacks.

“I just think its important for others to feel there is someone else going through the same thing they are, and to know they are not alone,” the author said.

To view the official account of Humans of SFA just click here:

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