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East Texas Family creates nonprofit to serve Haiti

East Texas family creates non-profit to serve Haiti

Source: Weems family Source: Weems family
Source: Weems family Source: Weems family
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Six years ago the Weems family was in the process of adopting their twin daughters from Haiti when the historic earthquake struck, but years later it created a passion for them to help the Haitian people struggling to survive.

“We just knew God had put us there for a reason and broke our heart for what happened,” said Becky Weems, who began the nonprofit One Foot Raised. “This is when we began leading teams to Haiti, and asking God what more could we do to serve these people.”

The family’s passion for helping the Haitian people only grew as the years went on. Their mission trips through their church encouraged many to do what they could to impact the lives of those struggling.

Recently the family said they felt their calling to the country grow even stronger so they began the nonprofit, One Foot Raised to spread the word about the work they are doing.

“We began the nonprofit One Foot Raised, and the idea is that we want to live that way,” Weems said. “We want our family, and other believers to live with one foot raised ready to move, ready to serve, ready to do what the Lord asks us to do.”

Their foundation is built on helping the people of Haiti learn to survive and live on their own, and 100% of the proceeds they raise go directly to funding the rebuilding of infrastructure that the recent hurricane ripped away.

“We are quick to come in with aid, but we want them to move through the process of becoming self-sustained and them being able to thrive on their own using the body of Christ to do that,” Weems said.

They said they want to connect believers from the United States with believers in Haiti, and begin a partnership with the country that enables them to overcome the devastation of recent events. Their entire family has served in one way or another, and they said bringing their daughters back to their home country was an experience they will never forget.

“I spent the whole first week with them taking them around saying these are people that took care of you, and knew you when you were here.  Just to see the difference of when we brought them six years ago to now, it’s just crazy,” said their father Zac Weems.

The Weems family said through their experience in serving those in Haiti it has changed the way they see the world.

“Carley one night said, ‘I don’t understand why I have food, a family, a car, and these people don’t.’ She asked why the Lord would allow her to have all these things when the orphans, which is what she once was, have nothing,” Weems said. “She was processing what a gift she has been given, and what a gift she should be to others, and that’s something as a parent you want your child to understand.”

They encourage anyone interested in serving overseas to join their team at One Foot Raised or contact them with how they can help further their mission in Haiti. For more information on the organization click here:

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