Groveton on the warpath for an undefeated run to district title

Groveton on the warpath for an undefeated run to district title

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - It's all come down to one final duel in District 12-2A and of course it's going to be an East Texas tangle for the district title.

The Groveton Indians have had a break out year. They admit, they got something special and the scores talk for themselves.

Showing no mercy on their opponents this year, they're the only undefeated team left standing in their district, and have a chance to win the district crown outright. Only thing standing in their way, is a reigning back-to-back district title team, the Lovelady Lions.

The warpath these Indians are walking on, has not been too kind this year for outsiders trying to get in their way of an undefeated run to the district title.

"We all know our jobs, we all know what we're here to do and we're ready for anything the team throws at us," said running back and defensive tackle Ethan Cathey.

"We just go in there and knock people's helmets off," said receiver and strong safety Saul Chavez.

After serving Centerville their first district lost, they're on to the next one with Lovelady.

The Lions have made district titles a habit as of late, but Groveton has a chance at winning the crown for the first time since 2007 and they're feeling a little greedy when it comes to sharing.

"We worked really hard for this. We don't really feel like sharing it. We just want it to be ours and take the outright district championship," said quarterback Glenn Thornton.

"They're just another obstacle on the warpath. We just got to keep going and keep going through them," said receiver Dawson Chumley.

As usual, the offense have been firing on all cylinders averaging over 53 points a game with ease, but it's the defense that's made all the difference for the Tribe.

At this point last year, they averaged over 40 points against. That has since been sliced in half to just 20 points with three shutouts this year.

"When we hit, we're hitting to let them know we're there and I think that helps a lot because once you start hitting people, they start quitting," said Cathey.

"Tackling just means so much more now. Everyone wants to get in there. After games we ask each other 'How many tackles did you have?' It's starting to be a challenge between everybody. Everybody wants to be the top dog and have the most tackles," said Chavez.

Lovelady has had an impressive run of their own and with just one loss on the year, they got a chance at taking a piece of the district title if they win and even a No. 1 playoff seed if they win by 10 points.

"We're really not worried about them. We just want to win this game. It's our next game. It doesn't faze us. We're still going to play and we're going to play our hearts out the whole time," said Chumley.

"We're a physical team. It's going to be physical anyway. It will mostly be emotional but we just got to calm down our emotion and take it every snap at a time," said Thornton.

"If we do our jobs and do what we're supposed to do, it shouldn't be a close game at all," said Cathey.

Groveton will fight for the district bragging rights Friday night in Lovelady starting at 7 p.m. If the Indians lose, it will be a three-way tie for the district title between Groveton, Lovelady and Centerville.

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