Kennard Woman Charged With Attacking School Official

Shonnah McGrew
Shonnah McGrew

Shonnah McGrew is accused of storming into Kennard High School Tuesday, attacking a student and the school nurse, Diana Smith.  Smith had reportedly accused McGrew's son of causing trouble with a white student.

Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt said, "She forced the child out by putting her hands on her and removing her from the office, and then assaulted the nurse while she was in the school.  It's alleged, at this point, that Ms. McGrew did this because of an earlier report that day of the nurse having reported a violation of school policy of Ms. McGrew's child."

McGrew's mom said that's not the whole story.

Esther Pope said the fight did start after her grandson got into an argument with another student.  She said her grandson got kicked out of school while the other student got sent back to class.

"They expelled him from school and they called his mom, so she went down there to pick him up," Pope said.  "I'm not saying what she did was right, but that's how it got started."

This isn't the first time McGrew's had a problem with the Kennard school district.  She believes that's why this latest incident has gotten so out of control.

There's also another reason McGrew believes her family is being treated unfairly, because they're black.  She called Tuesday's incident self defense.

McGrew said, "Me and the nurse [were] talking and she said, 'all I need for you to do right now is just to slap me'.  I said 'what, I didn't come up here for that', and she said 'well, that's all I need you to do'.  So, at that time, she pushed me and I hit her back."

Kennard I.S.D nurse Diana Smith was treated at an emergency room Tuesday and released.  Shonnah McGrew is now banned from going back on campus.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office charged McGrew with one count of assault, criminal trespassing, one count of assault on a public servant, and retaliation.  She's out of jail on $32,000 bond.