Band Students Speak Out About District's Decision

Lufkin High School band members aren't letting their leader go without a fight.

For the past couple days, dozens of band members have showed up to protest outside the administration building.  The kids want their band director to stay right where he is, at Lufkin High School.

Earlier this month, the district announced Paul Najera would be moved to the Lufkin Middle School band, effective next fall.

Bethaney Bridges said, "If he was as controversial as people say that he is, why would half the band be [protesting]?  Why would so many band members love him as much as we do?"

The band members plan to protest the district's decision until Thursday night. That's when they'll have a chance to officially voice their concern about the board's decision at a meeting.

Melanie Schwartz said, "The fact that we have so many students that want to support Mr. N should tell something to the administration.  It should tell them that they need to listen to what we have to say.  They need to realize that this is what the students want - we want Mr. N."

The board meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. Thursday at the L.I.S.D. administration building.