East Texas elected officials believe Trump presidency will have positive effect on region

East Texas elected officials believe Trump presidency will have positive effect on region

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Not lost at the Small Business Forum in Lufkin was the election of Donald Trump. Elected officials believe the vote for Trump shows a shift in feelings and that shift could bring positive changes to East Texas.

"I really expected Donald Trump to win the race," State Representative Travis Clardy said. "I had been saying it for about a month."

Clardy's desk mate Trent Ashby said all politicians should pay attention to how the people voted.

"The American people sent a message loud and clear," Ashby said. "Across the country, we're tired of politics and business as usual."

Their counterpart in the senate said the win by Trump did send shock waves.

"The nation was caught by surprise," Senator Robert Nichols said. "Maybe not everybody but it was a shock to many."

The win by Trump in many key states was a surprise by many watching into the early morning hours on Wednesday. Nichols believes it was not a fluke.

"People were tired," Nichols said. "They were tired of the way republicans ran the U.S. government. They were tired of the way the democrats ran the U.S. government."

Clardy believes the voters were not happy with changes in health services by the Obama administration.

"I think the reason is the pocket book issue that moved people is the cost of healthcare and insurance premiums," Clardy said.

And while Trump will no doubt have an impact in Washington, Clardy, Ashby and Nichols said there will be a trickle down effect to the lone star state.

"In my district looking at the results of how well president elect Trump did I think people are sick of the establishment," Ashby said. "I will know be looking at what they want and will work with them.

"It will expedite some construction projects and get the EPA and the core and others to be more cooperative to develop Texas like with Lake Columbia," Clardy said. For the state I think we will see the federal government give us much needed help with border security and we will start to get some federal funding for other key areas."

"The EPA has been bad for Texas Business," Nichols said. "Businesses especially our large manufactures with these regulations are stiffeling. They are driving them out of the country. I think he has the opportunity to fix it and I think he can."

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