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East Texas Hispanic voters remain positive following election results

East Texas Hispanic voters remain positive following election results

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

In the early days of Donald Trump’s race for the White House, immigration reform was a central topic for his campaign, and now the East Texas Hispanic community weighs in on the 2016 presidential election results.

Ino and Roy Reyes own and operate the La Lengua Spanish newspaper in Lufkin, Texas. They said their mission in informing readers about the race was centered on facts, and voter participation.

“We tried to explain the difference between the two candidates, and then once we did that, we hope they understood and were able to make a clear choice of who would be the best for themselves, and for their country,” said Ino Reyes. “It was very important for the Hispanic community to turn out to the polls, so now there are many mixed emotions among us.”

He said despite racist rhetoric, and the impending threat of mass deportation, as well a potential wall built among the Texas-Mexico border, he hopes people remain trusting about our countries diplomatic process.

“A democracy works that way. The majority elects the person who is going to govern, and the majority elected the next 45th president, and you have to respect that,” Ino Reyes said. “We are not in a third-world country, our process works and our democracy is supposed to be that way. I would say to people; he is the president of the United States regardless of political affiliation.”

Roy Reyes said as their community comes together and watches what a Trump presidency could look like, they remain focused on the things that are most important to them.

“The bottom line, we give the honor and glory to God, and he is in charge believe it or not. So whatever might come out of this, hopefully is for the good of the people,” Reyes said.

They also note an important connection their community shares with Melania Trump who is an immigrant herself. They said they hope Trump is able to bridge the divide many feel is growing throughout the country.

“Trumps wife is an immigrant so there could be a lot of good coming out of this, and as you see back in the bible even bad situations God turns this into something good,” Roy Reyes said. “It’s been our experience that even some republicans have been good to those minorities in the past. We look back on Abraham Lincoln and we remember the good that’s been done.”

In this year’s presidential election, exit polls show that Trump picked up more black and Latino votes than Mitt Romney did during his 2012 presidential campaign. The Reyes brothers feel Hispanic turnout was less than many expected to see.

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