Letter details inappropriate allegations by Diboll city manager

Gerry Boren
Gerry Boren

Editor's note: The following story contains graphic sexual language.

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - The Diboll city manager on probation for harassment against the former city secretary made inappropriate remarks about sexual activity and black people, according to a letter submitted in June from the city secretary's attorney.

KTRE obtained the letter written from attorney Scott Skelton to the Diboll city attorney, Jimmy Cassels, after submitting an open records request for the complaint filed by Sarah Thompson against Gerry Boren.

The letter states Boren subjected Thompson to "unwelcome behavior, unreasonable interference, and hostile work environment, as well as severe and pervasive conduct on the part of Mr. Gerry Boren."

The letter states Boren made "jokes about African-Americans and oral sex." It also states examples of inappropriate remarks, like how "the chemical used to repair potholes makes his penis hard, telling masturbation jokes and making references, including hand gestures to mimic masturbation."

It also states Boren made sexual allegations about someone in the community and the mayor. It also alleges he said the street department equipment are sexual toys and the ladies of the office could use them.

The letter states Boren referenced "boob jobs" and that he told people he was going out of town on Friday night and if he had a smile on his face, it meant someone "gave it up."

The letter also alleges Boren touched Thompson inappropriately.

Skelton made a demand that Boren be put on administrative leave and a further investigation should lead to Boren's termination.

The city placed Boren on probation following an August meeting. They also made accommodations for Thompson's return, by putting cameras in the city office.

Cassels said in September that Thompson returned to work one day, but left after seeing the camera system was down.

Thompson offered a separation agreement but the city council voted to reject it.

The city later fired Thompson after she did not return to work.

Skelton also alleged in the letter that Thompson would not return to work until the situation is handled in fear of being retaliated against, because Boren "has repeatedly told staff that if he is crossed, he will make their jobs a living hell."

A second letter sent in June notes how the media is contacting Thompson, even though neither he nor Thompson made media aware of the situation.

"I am concerned that someone with the City of Diboll has done so and cannot understand the rationale," the letter stated.

KTRE also requested recordings and documentation from a closed session meeting of the council, which was denied after appeal to the attorney general's office. The AG also sided with the city in rejecting a request for a copy of Boren's personnel file.

KTRE has obtained a copy of Boren's personnel file from Gun Barrel City, his previous employer. There are no allegations of sexual harassment listed in that file.

Attempts to reach Cassels or Boren for comment were not immediately successful Thursday morning. Skelton is checking with Thompson to see if she would like to make a comment on the letters.

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