Band Students Continue Fighting Board's Decision - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

05/20/05 - East Texas

Band Students Continue Fighting Board's Decision

by Ramonica R. Jones

Lufkin High School students Thursday spent the fourth day protesting the board's decision to reassign band director Paul Najera to Lufkin Middle School.

Protesting is definitely a way to be seen and heard, but it's not one of the most effective ways to get through to school administrators.

Like in most districts, Alto school leaders welcome anyone's opinion, but there are two avenues students should take to file a complaint.

Superintendent John Ferguson said, "They have to go through the grievance channels. We have a student grievance policy or you can go to the board meeting, which will have an open forum."

Administrators in the Alto school district say students with complaints or concerns should take their concerns before the school board instead of protesting. Going before the school board will be a lot more effective

"Now, the board members cannot respond to whatever's said, but if they want to put something on the board agenda for the next month, then they can do it."

Even then, school leaders don't have to change their decisions, but board members will listen to what students have to say; a simple way to present information, in an otherwise complicated democratic process.

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