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05/19/05 - Nacogdoches

Check Out Your Campsite On The Web

by Donna McCollum

When selecting a campsite at any of the Corps of Engineers campgrounds on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, you no longer have to wonder if you'll like it or not. You can now see your campsite before you get there.

SFA's HUES GIS Lab Analyst, Tred Riggs, has successfully set up a virtual reality tour of all the Corps campgrounds on Sam Rayburn. Students mapped out the sites, photographed (aerials included), and researched the campground amenities. All the information can be found on the Web.

"It really helps you visualize what campsite you like. If you want a campsite on the water, you're able to look at that campsite before you get there. If you have a boat, you can look at a picture of that and see if it's a decent boat ramp," said Riggs.

Campers are just learning about the posted information. The Corps likes the idea so much they're making plans for SFA to post information about all the lakes in Texas as well.

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