Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 11/17/16

Adeel's No. 2 125 South FM 1194: 19 demerits for areas under and behind fountain drink station needed to be cleaned, missing leg needed to be replaced on mop sink, ice dispenser and nozzles on fountain drink machine needed to be cleaned, chemical test strips needed, damaged/soiled  ceiling tiles needed to be removed from floor by milk cooler, rodent traps needed to be removed, toxic items stored above single-service items, containers with chemicals/toxins needed to be labeled, expired foods needed to be removed, excess trash needed to be removed from walk-in cooler and back room, damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, permit not posted, three-compartment sink not used for dish washing, general clean of restroom needed, and ice scoop not stored in a clean container or with the handle up.

Posado's at 3102 S. John Redditt Drive: 9 demerits for wiping clothes not stored clean and dry or in sanitizer solution, expired food needed to be removed from walk-in cooler, produce needed to be removed, hand wash sink not used for hand washing only, soap and paper towels needed at all hand sinks, and sanitizer concentration needed to be increased at dishwasher.

Cotton Patch at 3207 S. first: 8 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, ice machine dispenser needed to be cleaned, ice scoop not stored on rack or in clean container, and improper thawing.

Family Dollar No. 6758 at 593 Highway 69 South: 6 demerits for general clean needed in reach-in cooler under milk, raw food stored below ready-to eat foods, self-closure device needed for back door, and fly traps needed to be removed.

IHOP at 4400 S. Medford Drive: 6 demerits for food not stored in clean wrapper or container and cold hold at wrong temperature.

Pablo's BBQ at 3889 Highway 69 North: 6 demerits for damaged food containers needed to be removed, personal drinks didn't have lids and weren't stored away from food prep area, and knives on rack needed to be cleaned.

El Coko Loko at 1422 N. Timberland Drive: 5 demerits for water pressure at hand sink needed to be adjusted, bulk items out of original packaging needed to be labeled, and racks and electrical outlet near food prep table needed to be cleaned.