Lufkin charities hope to get boost on Giving Tuesday

Lufkin charities hope to get boost on Giving Tuesday
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin non-profits are hoping to not get lost in the shuffle as people recover from turkey and hours of shopping at the favorite stores and online sites.

Over the past few years "Giving Tuesday" has picked up steam and help thousands of organizations like, Love Inc. n Lufkin. With Christmas just over three weeks away, Love Inc. Director Jerry Spann and his staff are still looking for gifts as part of the Manger Network.

"If it weren't for their giving spirit and giving to these kids then these kids would go without Christmas," Spann said. "Right now we are at 1,000 kids. This time last year we were at 700. It will be close to 1200 kids we are helping out for Christmas."

Spann is not alone in his mission. If Love Inc. falls short, a partnership with Toys for Tots will help.

"We typically give out five to seven toys," Brian Crews said. "We are supposed to supplement Christmas but many times this is all the child will get."

Just across the road from the Love Inc. headquarters is the closed GE Foundry. It's a reminder of a suffering economy. Spann and Crews both acknowledge this year will have a higher demand for help.

"There are a lot of folks right now asking for assistance that have never had to ask before," Spann said. "They don't know how to ask or what the process is."

Crews said their request have gone up 15%.

"We are seeing a lot of names we have not seen before," Crews said. "A lot of people are just not sure how they are going to get by."

The two now hope the East Texas community will remember the real meaning of giving on Christmas.

"We all have our area of specialty," Crews said. "Toys for Tots is known for helping children. Other charitable agencies help with clothing, others help with food. All of these things are necessary."

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