Parents Call Five-Year-Old "Sexual Predator"

The Early Childhood Development Center is a place pre-k, kindergarten, and three-year-olds go to learn. But the Mizes say something horrible happened to their five-year-old daughter there. They claim she was sexually assaulted.

Shane Mize said, "The teacher looked away for a second, and these two little boys jumped underneath the table and touched her and another little girl inappropriately."

The boy accused of the assault got suspended for three days. He comes back to school Tuesday. The Mizes say as long as he's there, their daughter won't be.

Tammy Mize said, "That's not going to help; just popping him on his hand and saying, 'oh, go home and watch cartoons for three days'. When they get older, it's going to be a lot worse. They're going to take that as a vacation, not as a punishment."

What's even worse, the Mize's daughter isn't the only victim of last week's alleged sexual assault.

"I knew that he would be back in the classroom and that made me very angry, because my daughter will not wear dresses to school anymore, she won't wear skirts," said "Jane."

"Jane" and the Mizes met for the first time at our interview. Their daughters are in the same class, but unfortunately, they have something else in common.

Back in October, "Jane" says the same boy reportedly involved in last week's incident also touched her daughter, underneath her underwear. She wants to press charges.

"Jane" said, "I think that CPS should be involved. I'm not saying that there's anything going on in this child's life, [but] he's seeing something on television that he shouldn't be seeing. Something's going on, and that's how I feel."

Principal Mark Giles refused to comment on the allegations. Crockett school superintendent Bill Like issued a statement assuring careful examination of the incidents to assure appropriate punishment.