Crockett girl appeared on Food Network's 'Chopped Junior'

Crockett girl appeared on Food Network's 'Chopped Junior'
Source: Food Network
Source: Food Network

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - 11-year-old Hannah Hickson, of Crockett, didn't win Food Network's "Chopped Junior" but says she enjoyed the experience to cook on national television.

The East Texas native was chopped after the second round of the cooking show competition that aired on Tuesday.

Hickson made a Swai chowder out of her ingredients box filled with Swai fillet, Crab Rangoon, tomato crisps and Astro Pop candy.

The judges liked the 11-year-old's creativity with the ingredients but didn't enjoy the entree's texture.

She passed the appetizer round with a burger and fries burrito with sour cream and truffle sauce.

Laura Hickson, Hannah's mother, posted about her experience on Facebook.

"The Hicksons have some really fun news," Laura Hickson wrote in the Facebook post. "our oldest daughter Hannah recently had the opportunity to travel to New York and film an episode of Food Network's Chopped Junior. The episode is called 'Fried Wise' and will air Tuesday, November 29 at 7 p.m."

Chopped Junior focuses on "little chefs with tremendous ambition," according to the Food Network's Chopped Junior page.

"Each episode of Chopped Junior showcases the talents of children seeking to make unforgettable meals from mystery ingredients under a ticking clock," the website stated. "They'll bring their unbridled energy, big personalities, and unstoppable originality, but only one can be the Chopped Junior Champion."

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